What is InBody Academia?

InBody Academia is a 2-day certification program for doctors, professionals and students from the healthcare and fitness industry.

What is the purpose of InBody Academia?

The purpose of the InBody Academia is to create a platform of professionals empowered with the most advanced knowledge and research in the space of body composition analysis.

What all does the two day certification course cover?

1. Interpretation of InBody result sheet

2. Medical Applications of Body Composition Analysis

3. Application of BCA in Obesity Analysis, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Nephrology, Paediatric, Sports and Clinical Nutrition, amongst others.

What is the importance of the InBody ácademia certification?

The InBody ácademia involves 2 days of intense academic rigour and is the only certification programme for Body Composition Analysis in India. With BCA applications pervading medical science, fitness, nutrition and sports; certified professionals can expect exponential growth in their practice, find better opportunities, and/or rise higher in their careers.

How can I register for the Academia?

You can register at www.inbody.in/academia2019/ahmedabad. Online registrants may avail various discounts and promotions. Spot registrations will be accepted, provided seats are available.

If I want to attend only one day is it possible?

To qualify for the certification, a minimum of 7/10 sessions need to be completed.

How can I get the exact dates and timings for InBody ácademia?

Schedule of InBody ácademia are published on the at www.inbody.in/academia2019/ahmedabad

Is there an assessment test?

Yes. The assessment tests are short, objective and taken at the end of each day.

Are outstanding performers at InBody ácademia recognised ?

A Professional scoring 80% and above is certified as ‘InBody Expert’, while student scoring 80% and above is certified as ‘InBody Scholar’.  So far, 47 professionals and students across India have been awarded the Expert or Scholar’s certificate. The ‘Top 3’ of the course receive the Course Toppers Trophies.

Will I get my certificate the same day?


Where can I get more information on the InBody Academia?

For more information on the InBody Academia please visit www.inbody.in 

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